In Memorium,  Prozac 1996 (?) - 2014  The Sweetest 'FraidyQat'

Also Known as: Pro, Pro-Cat, Squirrely, Purr-Cat, Pro-Kitty


    With his whole Chester family (far left in the box)
 Pro   Galadriel   Quaalude      Monty          Diva

                         Pro                          Galadriel                                         Pro                 Galadriel   

     Quaalude           Pro                 Galadriel   


                          Monty             Pro

                       Monty (kitten)     Pro in box


                         Pro             Quay   Galad

The Easy Life in Boothwyn, PA
Sleep Sweetly, Little Friend

                Pro                    Chaq             Orpheus

A scene from his early life in Trenton, NJ

                  Pro                                Chaq