Fire Works


Fireworks - A Killer Experience!  

Bursts of light, streaks of sound. A frenetic display of pyrotechnic mad maniac music with a Grand Finalé that will make your hair stand on end!

Recorded on the stunning Haupt(1938)/Seifert(19981) pipe organ found in Luxemboug at Sacré Cœur, Gare

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Price: $15


Track Title Timing
1 Arial Bursts 10:32
2 Comet Tails 8:55
3 A Moment of Calm 10:39
4 Flaming Spirals 8:20
5 Smoldering Embers 12:45
6 Final Flourish 10:06
         Total Time 1:01:17
  Cost of This CD - $15.00
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