On Making the Flowers Dance


On Making the Flowers Dance  

Gardens reflect our need for diversion.  The idea is to create a bit of enhancement, ignoring rules and reason in order to let the imagination wander.

Paul Fejko creates for us a splendid diversion of sound and color through this imaginative 62 minute improvisation. 

This was recorded without any editing on the 125th rank Ĉolian-Skinner organ at All Saints Episcopal Church in Worcester, MA

With any luck, the titles will give the impression of the music.

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1 On Making the Flowers Dance 5:45
2 Wildflowers of the Heart 5:11
3 Serendipity 4:43
4 Herbs and Alchemy 6:12
5 The Trumpet Vine 6:09
6 Nasty Sturtium Rag 6:19
7 The Worcester Creeper 8:25
8 Waltz of the Sunflower 9:43
9 Grandiflora 9:08
  Total Time 62:25
  Cost of This CD - $15.00
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