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Night Visions

When night falls, many things happen, change, metamorphize, transform and otherwise become another world of images, sounds, feelings and sensations. Night visions is Paul Fejko’s view of the world. Paul Fejko, internationally known musician, is a master of improvisation. With the rich sounds of this 96 rank  Klais organ located at the Basilica St. Willibrord in Echternach, Luxembourg, we are taken on an incredible   voyage through time and sound, exploring all the dynamics and colors of this wonderful instrument. Come along and listen to Paul Fejko's Night Visions. You may have never heard an organ played this way before!

Use the titles as your guide to what you will hear!

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1 Night Fall 8:21
2 Pas de Deux 5:02
3 Spirits 4 59
4 That Really Noisy Party at the Neighbors 7:36
5 Still Moon - Cloud Surfing 6:25
6 Saint Willibrord of the Night 8:44
7 Dialogue 4:33
8 Sun Rise 13:52
    Total Time 59:49

Cost of This CD - $15.00

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