London Cover Saint Paul's Cathedral in London. What a place to dream, imagine, wander and fly!

Some have called that organ the world's largest choir organ. With the rather new addition of the Dome division, the instrument launches its voice well into the massive nave. 184 ranks, such power! That, along with more than 10 seconds of reverb!

These improvisations are my impressions of the lovely city of London described in the language of sound.

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Track Title Time
1 Oh, the Rain!! 10:18
2 The Carousel at Brighton Beach 10:22
3 Heathrow to Gatwick in a Hurry! 6:11
4 St. Paul's Cathedral - WOW! 9:23
5 Making the Palace Guard Smile 5:48
6 A Rather Stiff Wind 5:50
7 The Pigeons in Trafalgar Square 12:16
8 Lifting Fog, Sun Rising 11:58
Total Time 1:12:19
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