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Below are some places that you may like to visit. Enjoy your voyage, but remember to come back!

Various school students who have contributed to my page of links - 'Tis Wonderful that there are still young people interested in the arts!

Macy's Link to information about the Piano
Kayla's Link to information about Theatre Organs
Brittney's Link to a rather good  FREE (!!) Music Theory Course - Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, PA. There I am the Music Director and Organist. It is a most fascinating place in many realms - Spiritually, Philosophically, Socially, Culturally - an all around way cool place to visit, play, party and all around hang out!! - Ray Brunner is quite a fine organ builder and restorer specializing in historical American organs.
Check him out! His company is the one that totally rebuilt, expanded and enhanced the Gloria Dei organ
making it the most beautiful and impressive small organ in Philadelphia!! - A compendium, always under construction, of the organs of Luxembourg. A country few Americans know much about, but which has many fine organs from several traditions of the tonal art. Upon four of these fine instruments have I recorded CDs. Two of them are now on the list: Dudelange - grand orgue ("Liszt and Others", "Ruminations"), and Serge Tani (Moutfort) ("Tani House Organ") - The beginning of "the Chester Performing Arts Project", a plan to create six theatres in the city of Chester, PA - As y'all know I adore women bodybuilders! This is the site of Jana Linke-Sippl - a beautiful German now living in Graz, Austria. - A wonderful musician well worth checking out! - A fine bassoonist turned successful businessman and seller of bassoon reeds and accessories;
 also a good friend. - A directory of Performers and Fine Artists from Around the World! - The Curtis Institute of Music. The finest music school in the world, of which, I am an alumnus (class of 1975). - A production conglomerate with the resources to produce concerts, videos, CDs, theatre and opera performances. Either as stand-alone events or as part of larger events such as conventions, sporting events, parties and anything else that you could imagine!

The Hunger Site - Donate food for free simply by clicking on a link at their site! I think that it is worth it! - Home of the website for the popular public radio program, 'Pipedreams'. Here, you can find where and when the   program is broadcast in your area and see the play lists for previous or future programs. - An amazing resource for those interested in all forms of dance. - American Guild of Organists.  The American Organist Magazine.

More Links from Kayla's Class.....!

For those interested in Computer Music

Information about Organs and composers of Organ Music

Many Resources for Music Educators

Other Keyboard Articles