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This recording is an example of the work of Glück New York Organ Builders. Part of this CD includes the 'Metropolitan Suite' by Paul Fejko, played by him as well. The rest is played by Sebastion Glück

The organ at Congregation
lisztsm.jpg (9176 bytes) rumlsm.jpg (10420 bytes)
The Serge Tani House Organ Liszt & Company
Generation Records - GNR-121203A
Generation Records - GNR-121203B
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Special HomeBrew
Ritual of the Bell
tsunami records - TNM-0297
PostCards from London
tsunami records - TNM-0620
Dances Fireworks LSWFB
Dances 1999
tsunami productions  - TNM-0299-G
Fireworks 1999
tsunami productions  - TNM-0299-R
LSWFB 1999
tsunami productions  -  TNM-0299-B
Night Visions Reger  Karg-Elert Reubke On Making the Flowers Dance
Night Vision 1998
Arkay Records - AR6167    
Reger - Karg-Elert - Reubke 1997
Arkay Records - AR6160
On Making the Flowers Dance 1995
Arkay Records - AR6147
Outburst Tyme's Escape Incantation
Outburst! 1994
Arkay Records - AR6131
Tyme's Escape 1992
Arkay Records - AR6108
Incantation 1990
Arkay Records - AR6104

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